Jess Feldman

Over It

I’m kidnapped by a family of vampires who plan to eat me  
I’ve got no control over the situation so I’m relieved

The vampires let me sleep in a soft bed with a green comforter
They make space for my toiletries at the bathroom sink  

While they whisper their devious plans to one another at the kitchen table
I sit on different chairs in the dark wishing only for a change of clothes

Sad knowing their desire for me will end
but worse to survive their desire’s ending

How do you endure not being eaten  Instead being asked to leave
and to please catch the screendoor as it closes behind you

so as not to let it slam


Jess Feldman.jpg

Jess Feldman’s poetry has recently appeared in Bennington Review, No Tokens, Nightjar Review and Radar Poetry. Her manuscript “Call It a Premonition” was chosen by Zachary Schomburg as winner of the 2015 BOAAT Winter Chapbook Competition. Jess is co-curator of Broken Bells, a monthly poetry reading series in Brooklyn, NY.