This celebration of delicious foods :: from Broad City

This phrase :: victorian titillations 

This photograph :: by Ren Hang 

This punctuation mark :: ~ (a.k.a. the tilde

This Vine :: and all the memes that came with it

This choreography :: Aya Sato, voguing duo 

This phrase :: gothic bromance 

This comic book :: “Go Home and Go to Bed” by Mary Ruefle

This bio :: from Anya Liao’s website 

This word :: “aubergine” e.g. my what a large aubergine in this pasta

This fish :: a painting by Paul Klee 

This haircut :: done

This ghost :: also a painting by Paul Klee

These lines :: “I’m wicked lonely” and “I’m shivery, full of V-8” from the poem “Toro” by Sarah Gambito 

This pug party :: birthdays abound

This word, used as a noun :: boggle, e.g. “Never have I encountered such boggle on this earth”  

This yawn :: a koala

This completely necessary & informational buzzfeed article & its wonderful illustrations (NSFW)

This cabbage :: enormous