July 1st, 2019 - September 30th, 2019

You’re stuck in the mud, icicles a shroud around your eyes. You aren’t sure where the apples are, but you think of their red for the whole day, brimming your eyelashes. Underblong is a journal of the not-quite-so, of unfinished thoughts, of unresolved anger, of unforgotten macaroni art. Underblong is the coatroom of your secret’s secrets, a boiling pot of kit-kats becoming your favorite soup. Send us a poem that cuts through the crap. Send us your dinner chicken. Poems made by a soul. 

Send plz 

Send plz 

Send plz 

Please no more than 4 poems / 6 pages & include a bio if you feel inclined—

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Please include your poems as an attachment, thx! We only accept unpublished submissions. Also, please wait for a response before submitting again.

Read our third issue & check out our list of things we like.

Absolutely no: racism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, ableism, Islamophobia, orientalist b.s., fat-shaming, colonialist exoticizing or fetishizing of cultures and peoples, appropriation of experiences & communities that aren’t yours, general literary assholery, “edgy” or “ironic” renditions of any of the above. If you send us this crap, we will point it out. So, like, don’t.

At the moment, we are unable to compensate contributors, but we are working on that. For now (& always), we will promote contributors like we are on fire. Grateful for every submission. Thank you for believing in us & trusting us with your work. 


 define “underblong”

Underblong :: noun / verb / adjective / gaseous state / planetary magique / squishy soul-matter / nefarious sound. The sound of underblong is the sound of honey stirred into a hot beverage, the sound of a tortoise greeting you, the sound of something maybe sort of erotic sometimes, the sound of friends eating omelets while it is snowing outside and raining inside. 

Underblong :: A portmanteau of “undertow” and “oblong,” nicknames the editors have given each other based on a long collaborative poem they may someday continue or turn into a multimedia art installation. 

Let us underblong to Merriam-Webster for further underblonging. 


1. the current beneath the surface that sets seaward or along the beach when waves are breaking upon the shore
2. an underlying current, force, or tendency that is in opposition to what is apparent


deviating from a square, circular, or spherical form by elongation in one dimension 

Thus :: underblong is that which deviates in shape and travels beneath what is usually visible. 

Thus :: underblong is a love for language doing bendy, twisty, knotty, naughty things. 

Thus :: underblong is a poetry journal.