Matty Layne Glasgow

All Afternoon

Yesterday, I built a glory hole, but no one came, 
so I knelt alone—without acclaim— 
my eyes on the clean tile floor, the wall un- 
stained. What’s a boy to do with such shame, 
kneeling hollow-jawed in a duct-taped-frame? 
I crooned, “A hole is a hole” all afternoon— 
a sinful hymn to fan some flamer’s flame. 
There was no pilgrimage, no semen monsoon 
strewn hard-pressed against that holy wall. 
Just an empty arc, an unanswered call. Blame 
anonymity. But we’ll make this stall 
a relic today; I’ve got to un-tame 
your body. So come on, lean in, lay claim. 
When you can’t see the face, it’s all the same.


matty_photo copy.jpg

Matty Layne Glasgow is a poet & MFA candidate at Iowa State University where he served as the Poetry Editor for Flyway. Matty’s queer ‘lil ditties have appeared in or are forthcoming from The Missouri ReviewBOAATMuzzleThe CollagistRattle, & elsewhere. He was a runner-up for The Missouri Review’s 2017 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize & was awarded 3rd Place in Frontier Poetry’s Award for New Poet’s by Tyehimba Jess. He currently reads poetry for The Adroit Journal