Noor Hindi

Where Did My Hymen Go? & Other Google Searches

11:59pm: Where is my hymen located

-         The stem of a broccoli
-         The front pocket of a wallet
-         Inside a sock
-         A box of cheerios


                                It left on a broom / it’s YELLING at ThE PaTRIARchy! /
hello / halo / hazy / horny / hmmmm ???

12:07am: How to give a good blow job

                       [         ORAL SEX TIPS FROM AN EXPERT        ]

12:10am: Are blow jobs a required task!?

                                         My boyfriend’s junk was             /
The president grabs women by the —
undress / compress / protest / pray

12:16am: Is a penis the size of a BANANA
12:17am: Is a penis the size of a CUCUMBER
12:19am: Is a penis the size of a [        16 HARD FACTS ABOUT PENIS SIZE      ]

12:25am: What happens if you don’t like dick

                      *** 72 void default_idle(void ); EXPORT_SYMBAL) <> ***

12:32am: Is my hymen LOST 

REadY or NoT hEre I cOmE!!!!!!

12:46am: Why is there so much violence against women?


                                                    [                                           ]


Poem In Which My Mother Tells Me Not To Do A Pap Smear Because It Might Tear My Nonexistent Hymen

And I’m like . . . what about cancer . . .?
And she’s like . . . but your hymen?
And I say . . . but what about death??
And she says . . . but the patriarchy . . .?!
And I’m like . . . yeah yeah, the patriarchy!
And she’s like . . . yes yes. Death.


Noor Hindi (She/Her) is a Palestinian-American poet who is currently pursuing her MFA in poetry through the NEOMFA program. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Winter Tangerine, Tinderbox Poetry, Glass Poetry, Jet Fuel Review, Diode Poetry Journal, Foundry Journal, & Flock Literary Journal. Her essays have appeared in or are forthcoming in Literary Hub and American Poetry Review. Hindi is the assistant poetry editor at The University of Akron Press and a reporter for The Devil Strip Magazine. Follow her on Twitter @MyNrhindi, or visit her website at