Steffan Triplett



my niece puts on a tv show called glitterforce and my head hurts from the bursts of color and the giant eyes and I don’t see anything glittering yet. but it’s kinda funny and kinda cute and wait a minute, isn’t this just like sailor moon? and nobody in the room has seen it so I’m ~mad about it~ and well it was way cooler than this. back then I liked the planets and the girls’ sparkly transformation sequences and when dad came home and saw me watching he would seem all ~mad about it~ but it comes on after dragon ball // so take that, dad // but yeah tuxedo mask was cute. my sister asks my niece what she likes about these shows because we just watched an episode of something called lolirock which was honestly the same thing. she says she likes that they are girls and that they are cute and sing and I want her to say AND THEY FIGHT EVIL but she doesn’t because she is eight and really they were just, like, fighting the mean girl at their school—or maybe they were at a mall ((but they’re also space aliens??)). and, like, I grimaced but I probably said something problematic today, and I did just say I liked the orange one’s boots, and my niece adds the girls always win though // so touché I guess // at the end of the episode since they’re also in a ROCK BAND the battlealiengirls sang a song and I think the lyrics went // you and I used to ride ~glitterwaves~ everywhere we go // and I think I really just want a boy to say that about me, like, scribbling words for a poem or drunk tweet. 


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Steffan Triplett is an MFA candidate and instructor at the University of Pittsburgh. His work appears or is forthcoming in Essay DailyBOAATThe Shade JournalFoundryWildness, and elsewhere. He is an alum of the VONA/Voices workshop and is a 2017 fellow for Callaloo and Lambda Literary. He was born and raised in southwest Missouri, and is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis where he was a John B. Ervin scholar.