Travis Tate


is this sad?

or do you mean to say, quiet down, tiny brain.
hipster haircuts are for the dogs. 
leave them!

are we driving to West Texas in a rainstorm?
the lightning won’t strike us. it is forbidden. 
we’ll be wearing Prada socks. 

i show you my palms. i mean surrender. i mean 
come away with me. i mean let’s make this look
like a movie. 

i think it would be sexy for you to floss my teeth. 
call me on facetime. even, even when you’re just
down the street. 

West Texas & Disneyworld are different things. 
hope i get married in both places. 
hope you’ll bury your head in my crotch in both places. 

a quiet cowboy will tell us where to eat. he’ll buy us a 
drink. everyone in Texas isn’t a homophobe. he tells us 
about love. 

i think about the cowboy sons & daughters we will have. 
name them: august, wolf, epcot, olly.

space mountain
will be their playground. 


Travis Tate Photo.JPG

Travis Tate is a queer witch who writes plays & poems & performs. They are a MFA candidate at the Michener Center for Writers. Their poems are featured in Vanilla Sex MagazineThe Matador ReviewReservoirGirl Blood Info and forthcoming in MR. MA’AM and Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review. Their solo show, It’s A Travesty! One Night With Jazzie Mercado! will be featured in the 2017 Cohen New Works Festival at UT.