Ariel Chu

Killing Jenny with My Fungus Hands 

Happy happy fake-day. I-don’t-care and 
show-it / I-am-suffering-badly- 
. You are not my 
darling. You are very dull. You are 
plastic wrap. You are butter knife. 

(I am very smart! I am verge-of-greatness! 
I am knife that slices! I am edge itself!) 

I am thinking deeply. I am super sad. I am skipping 
breakfast. I am knife that slices. I am fog 
in skull. I am fingers-shooting-temple / 
Jenny-not-responding / dialing-the-ex. 
I am friend-who-loves-you. I am Jenny’s nuisance. 
I am missing Jenny 

I am missing dinner 

I am missing self. Bracketing myself: I am 
big miasma. I am rainy cloud. I am prickly cacti 
I am fishy smell. I am thinking Jenny I am thinking 
bitch. Where are friends these days. All we do is miss. 


Jenny, Choking on Her Family Tree 

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Ariel Chu is an MFA candidate in Fiction at Syracuse University. Her work can be found in Beecher's MagazineWildness, and Nat. Brut, among others. She lives in Eastvale, California and is currently serving as a Hutchinson Fellow in Creative Writing. Visit her at