Megan Simpson

I won’t trust the post office

Organic feelings are hard
to manufacture.

I want to write you a letter sleepless
in seattle style.

So, this will just be a small note to say:
If you had a different body and a different career
and maybe even a different personality, you would
be my dream man. But I wouldn’t really be interested.

There is no world where we settle down together, but
imagining these scenarios has given me a healthy thrill
of anxiety: Could we name a child Jude?
Will the neighbors like our gnocchi?

Please write back quick. Inter-universal
travel must take a while. I can’t imagine
the postal fees.


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Megan Simpson is a current undergraduate student at UCLA originally from Denver, Colorado. She also writes for film, theatre, and music, and hopes to do more work in video games and comic books. She loves bird sounds and cries too easily.